Monday, August 29, 2011

I am grateful for today

A number of you may the family I am referring to in this post. I know their struggles and trials have been on my mind a lot lately, almost constantly.

One of my dear friends just had her baby a few days ago. From what I have been able to ascertain, labor and delivery all went very smoothly after an uncomplicated pregnancy. However, her baby had some unknown complications that have resulted in him being rushed to the NICU. I know that his condition is currently stable but very serious and they do not know when they will be able to bring him home with them.

I have become very good friends with this wonderful young woman, especially since our move to Calgary. She has inspired me in my journey as a mother, been a support in times of need, and has overall been a very dear friend though we live quite a distance apart. There's something remarkably painful about watching others in pain. My heart overflows with love for them and yet I feel so helpless. I'm sure they feel much the same way.

As I have watched for updates one Facebook status at a time, I am compelled to hug my son more frequently, treasure our days even more, and kiss him as much as possible. It has reminded me of that which is the most important part of parenting--our love and devotion to our families. Perhaps this is morbid, but a lot of my decisions in mothering have resulted from this one thought, "If today/tonight was our last day/night together, how would I want us to remember it?" I've found amazing strength and support from that little question.

And so my prayers will continue to plead--beg--for comfort, health and strength for this little family. While I may not be able to put my arms around this new mother, father and tiny baby; I will put my arms around my own little family. I hope in some way that will make a difference.

I thank the Lord for my family. I thank Him that we are well. I thank Him for today.

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  1. One morning, I found myself reading an acquaintance's blog post about a friend of her's who's baby (younger than Clara) had passed away after not recieving a liver transplant. I cried all morning about a baby and I family I didn't know at all... it was totally heart-wrenching (I can't imagine being so close to those who might lose their newborn). Since then, I've found myself holding Clara just a little longer at night after she goes to sleep. And sneaking into her rooms more often, just to look at her.

    We have no idea what tomorrow will hold. We just try everyday to make it worthwhile, and pray that Heavenly Father gives us another. Thinking of you!