Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giving me (or rather, YOU) a break

In my challenge to "take the easy way out," I've thought a lot about my own insecurities as a mom.  That feeling of judgement, that desire to be the best mom possible, and the pressure that comes along with it.  But here's someone else who needs a break--my fellow moms!  I have been a bit, shall we say, outspoken (?) about my dislike of controlled crying or "cry it out."  In reality, I still don't really love it.  But here's something--I think I've reached the breaking point for me and our current sleep situation and I, yes I, the hater of cry-it-out, have seriously considered it.  Thus far I think I've made it a whole five minutes before feeling terrible and going in to rescue my little guy.  I'm still not sure I'll actually be able to go through with it, but if nothing else I've learned a great lesson--Thou shalt not judge your fellow moms.

Through all of this I keep thinking about what in the world I'm supposed to learn from this situation.  I find myself doubting like crazy (one of the many problems of lack of sleep).  I want to be the best mom possible and in my quest I've perhaps gone to a bit of an extreme--not necessarily in my mothering but certainly in my treatment of my fellow mommies.

And so my friends, here's sending you the break you deserve.  May you know how wonderful of a mom you are.  May you also know that if you're looking for a break, here it is.  Way to go, Mom!  And sorry for any negative vibes you sensed from yours truly.

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