Saturday, May 21, 2011

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Naps

Naps are important for babies. How a baby naps often points to how they sleep at night (and vise versa). Hyrum is an inconsistent napper. Some naps are long, others are short. Some are peaceful, others are restless. When he was younger, his naps were pretty consistent and usually peaceful. As he's gotten older, sleeping in general has gotten worse.

In efforts to help Hyrum sleep better at night, I realized I needed to tackle naps first. Here are some of the suggestions we are implementing from The No-Cry Sleep Solution:

1) start a nap routine, keep it simple: For our nap routine, I decided reading a book and a little bit of rocking could be a good way to wind down.
2) help your baby fall asleep different ways: I usually give the pacifier for naps. I'm going to try the following--breastfeeding until sleepy and putting down in crib, bouncing/rocking on the bouncy ball until sleepy and putting down in crib, going for a stroller ride and letting baby stay sleeping in the stroller, and lying down in bed with baby until asleep and putting in crib.
3) If baby's nap is less than an hour, work on extending the nap. Do whatever helps your baby fall back asleep: nursing almost always helps Hyrum go back to sleep so that seems the easiest go-to. I will also try replacing the pacifier before nursing to see if that will help.

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